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Soroca fortress

The Soroca Fortress, located in the historical center of the town which is 160 km away from Chisinau, was of particular importance for the defense system of medieval Moldavia. A wooden fortress erected in an earthen bank was built here during the rule of Stephen the Great (the last quarter of the XVth century), and it was rebuilt of stone in 1543 - 1546 during the rule of Petru Rares, the prince of Moldavia, who invited highly skilled builders from the Transilvania town of Bistrita.    

The Soroca fortress is located on the right bank of the river Dniester in the center of a plateau. 

According to its layout the fortress is made in the form of a circumference with a diameter of 30,5 m. Along the fortress perimeter four round and one rectangular tower of 15x8 m size each are built at equal distance from one another, the rectangular tower making an entry to the fortress. The rampart, surrounding the fortress, has a thickness of 3,5 m and a height of 17-20 m.     

The inner part of the structure is divided into three levels. On the first level there were various stores and inlet tunnels of the citadel. The second level served as a direct protection of stores, here the dwelling premises and entries to the watchtowers were located. The third level made a way for guards onto the walls.

The main tower was also divided into 2 levels: the first level was used as an entrance, while the top level was reconstructed into a chapel having two parts, naos and apse, covered with a vault and decorated with frescoes.

The constructive and voluminal design of the fortress met the most necessary requirements and defense standards. The round shape of ramparts and towers prevented the demolition of the walls by artillery firing.

During the last decades by the archeological excavations there were found the traces of the old wooden fortress of rectangular shape which strictly matched the perimeter of the existing fortification.     


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